About us

Our Consulting Team is specialized in delivering; Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Business Intelligence Solutions, Customer Relationship Management Solutions,Mobility and Field Automation Solutionsa long with a local Experience Flavor having beside us Alliance with Industry experienced leaders from all over the World.

Sonic consulting is dedicated to be an extension to ERP / GRP force with a true alignment to SAP, Oracle and IBM Solutions Strategy. We choose Quality to be our Edge and we shall deliver quality and customer Satisfaction setting a True Partner shipbenchmark.

Sonic consulting:

  1. IT consulting started operations early 2012.
  2. Aims to help Companieso fall sizes and Industries Run Better and in the most effective way.
  3. Indulging our customers with full control and visibility on their business.

Sonic is a word
with meanings reflecting
our Beliefs of Arab culture
vs how Arab’s doing Business.